Amazon One-Click Patent Passes Reexamination

PatentlyO has a good discussion relating to the infamous “One-Click Patent” reexamination proceedings.  It appears that Amazon’s patent will remain valid after a few claim amendments during reexamination.

Read the entire discussion at PatentlyO.

Google Awarded Design Patent for Interface (US D599,372)

On September 1, 2009, google was awarded United States Patent No. D599,372 for its graphical user interface (GUI).  This is a design patent and therefore only protects the ornamental features of the Google search page (i.e. the patent does not protect the function of the interface or how Google does its searching).  Design patents last for 14 years from their issue date, so this patent will expire on September 1, 2023.  Interesting, it appears that Google’s current website design would not infringe this patent because of the differences in appearances and layout.  Below is a figure from the Google patent illustrating the ornamental design Google received a patent on:

Figure from U.S. Patent No. D599,372 for Google.
Figure from U.S. Patent No. D599,372 for Google.